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Victoria College students are invited to attend all regular VUSAC meetings. Agendas will be posted here prior to the meeting. If you would like to submit a discussion item, simply email Jackie at All Vic students have speaking rights.

The date of a meeting will be updated with a link to the meeting package as soon as it is available. Meeting packages include the agenda and any relevant appendices.

> April 05, 2024 Meeting Package (TBU)




Minutes are taken at every VUSAC meeting and will be posted here within one week of a given meeting.

The date of a meeting will be updated to link to the minutes as soon as they become available.

Questions about minutes can be sent to Yuna at

> September 29, 2023 Meeting Minutes

> November 3, 2023 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> December 1, 2023 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> January 12, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> January 19, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> January 26, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> January 26, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> February 9, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> February 16, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> March 1, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> March 8, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)

> April 05, 2024 Meeting Minutes (TBU)




Winter 2024

Friday, January 12
Friday, January 19
Friday, January 26
Friday, February 9
Friday, February 16
Friday, March 1
Friday, March 8
Friday, April 05

Where: Copper Room, Goldring Student Centre, 150 Charles Street W, Toronto, ON, M5S 1K9
When: 5:30 - 8:30 PM EST

Wondering how VUSAC manages its meetings? Check out the documents below for our meeting procedures and our handy guide to Robert's Rules!

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