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Image by bady abbas

Equity Commission

The VUSAC Equity Commission works to plan equity related events, promote resources at Vic and U of T, and listen and advocate for student needs in the Vic community.


Advocacy work may
involve work with administration, student support and activism, and coordinating larger events for students centred around equity themes. We furthermore work to support clubs and levies with any equity concerns they may have, and overall help to support and validate the student
body in navigating issues like accessibility, discrimination, representation, and so many more.

Our main goal is to ensure that all students feel safe and comfortable on the Vic campus!

Meet The Team

Our team consists of our elected Equity Commissioner, hired Equity Co-Chair, three executive members, and one assigned VUSAC Councillor who serve to advocate for student voices and plan events for the Vic student body.

diana - VUSAC Equity.jpg

Diana Vink

Equity Commissioner


IMG_3352 - Cam Miranda-Radbord.jpg

Cam Miranda-Radbord

Equity Co-Chair

caitriona - VUSAC Equity.jpg

Caitriona Federico



vedika - VUSAC Equity.jpg

Vedika Jha



cynthia - VUSAC Equity.jpg

Cynthia Brillinger



nikita - VUSAC Equity.jpg

Nikita Nunes



With thanks to Maria Jackson for her work during the first semester!


Home for the Holidays Media Recommendations (December, 2022)

At VOCA’s Home for the Holidays event, we collected your top media recommendations for people to use for the brand new year of 2023!

You can view those recommendations here.


Environmental Equity Week, February 6-10, 2023

(w/ Sustainability Commission)

Giveaways of Caffiends gift cards

An engaging panel on climate change & its overlaps w/ movements for social justice

A beautiful story walk with Jon Johnson of First Story Toronto

DivestFest to discuss & promote Divestment at Vic.


Thank you so much to all of our contributors, to RealTalk at Vic for giving us a platform to discuss, all the supporters!

Ramadan programming, March-April, 2023

The Equity Commission, along with other VUSAC members & student leaders, is currently working to develop appropriate supports & accommodations for Vic students during the month of Ramadan.


If you have any input you would like to share on this topic, please reach out to

Ongoing Gender Affirming Gear Giveaway (w/ Vic Pride)

We will be ordering and providing gender affirming gears to students throughout the end of the semester, including binders, trans tape, underwear, and more.


If you’re interested in these giveaways, please look on Instagram @vic_equity or @vicu.pride!

Ongoing Menstrual Product Giveaways

We supply free menstrual products in bins outside the VUSAC office in Goldring Student Center, including pads and tampons of various sizes & absorbencies.


Stock is refilled regularly.

Image by Joyce McCown

Equity Concern Form

In the event that you want to raise a concern to the Equity Commission, either regarding a large problem at Vic, a particular experience, or something you would generally like to see change, we invite you to fill out this form to bring your thoughts to our attention.


While there are spots to offer your contact info in case you would like to work with us on an issue, please know that you may submit this form completely anonymously if you choose to do so.


Please be aware that some situations may be out of the capacity of the Commission and, while we try to avoid it whenever possible, may be escalated to the Dean’s Office if necessary.

If you have an idea for the Commission to work on, or a project you’d like to develop, please reach out to if you feel comfortable doing so rather than submitting this form.

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