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VUSAC's Commissions

VUSAC has seven separate commissions that represent different areas of student life and student issues:

Academic, Arts & Culture, Commuter, Equity, Mental Wellness, Scarlet & Gold, and Sustainability.

Commissions are chaired by the elected Commissioner and hired Co-Chair (when applicable).

They meet weekly or bi-weekly to plan events and develop initiatives. Meetings are open to all students!

Academic Commission

Strong connections to the Alumni Office & Work to provide academic and professional aid/resources.

Hosts VUSAC Networking Dinner, Academic Workshops etc.

  • Academic Commission Facebook
  • Academic Commission Instagram

Arts & Culture

Provide artistic & cultural opportunities to enrich students and explore Toronto.

Hosts The Bob, Gardiner Gala, Vic Variety Show etc.

  • A&C Commission Facebook
  • A&C Commission Instagram

Commuter Commission

Work to make sure commuters have the skills & resources needed to be comfortable at Vic.

Hosts free pancake brunches, annual Home for the Holidays etc.

  • Commuter Commission Instagram


Strives to make our school more equitable through projects like equity training & de-gendering washrooms.

Hosts Doc'n Talks, cultural celebrations, Art at Intersections.

  • Equity Commission Facebook
  • Equity Commission Instagram

Mental Wellness

 Helps raise awareness about related resources & advocates for student mental health in the UofT community.

Hosts Learn How to Fail panel discussion, self-care activities.

  • MW Commission Facebook
  • MW Commission Instagram

Scarlet & Gold

Establishes a diverse social portfolio for Vic students by contributing to a lively inclusive social culture.

Hosts Highball, Winterfest, semi-formal, galas, pub-nights.

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Sustainability Commission

Advocate to divest from fossil fuels & implement a widespread composting system across Vic campus.

Hosts Doc'n Talks, Environmental Equity Week, Kairos blanket exercise.

  • Sustainability Commission Facebook
  • Sustainability Commission Instagram
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