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Unlike levies and commissions, Vic's roster of clubs is ever-evolving to reflect the dynamic interests of our student body. Our clubs are always on the hunt for new members, and all are welcome to attend the plethora of events that Vic clubs host each year! Want to bring your ideas into reality and join this ever-growing community? Any Vic student can start a new club at any time!

Clubs must apply to VUSAC for official recognition each year; recognition granted at any point will expire on April 30th. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and new applications will be presented at the soonest possible VUSAC meeting for approval.

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Clubs | 2020-21

The Boundary

The Boundary is Victoria College's satire paper. Our aim is to satirize news and events relevant to Victoria University, the University of Toronto, their students, and their alumni. By doing so, we hope to foster a stronger sense of community and provide comedic relief to fellow U of T students. Contact:
Reddit: u/BoundaryNews

Boundless Books

We aim to promote diversity at Vic, UofT, and in the world of literature by exploring a diverse range of authors and stories. We also promote access to these books for all students. Our goal is for more students to feel represented in the world of literature, and to support authors who are women, BIPOC, and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community. Contact: Instagram: @boundlessbookstack Facebook:

CARE University of Toronto

We are a chapter of CARE Canada, an international humanitarian agency working to end global poverty and injustice. They develop long-term solutions for issues such as climate change, economic empowerment, food security, and emergency relief, with a specific focus on how these issues affect women & girls in the global south. Our goal focuses on promoting awareness and fundraising, and we aspire to give a platform to those who need it most and change the world one voice at a time. Contact: Instagram: @careuoft Facebook:

Food Intolerance and Allergy Club (FOODIAC)

The mission statement of the Food Intolerance and Allergy Club is to provide an opportunity for students with dietary restrictions to share their experiences and tips while promoting more dietary-friendly options on campus and helping others understand what it means to have a food allergy or intolerance. Contact: Facebook: Website:

Vic iTeach

We are a social club designed to create a welcoming community among Victoria College students who are interested in education and teaching, providing opportunity for conversation about different aspects of education, networking, and building strong friendships among Vic students. We facilitate a close-knit community of future teachers, connecting and discussing issues prevalent to us all, where our members are each ambassadors of the academic teacher-training program here at Victoria College. Contact: Instagram: @viciteach

Vic for a Cure (VFAC)

Vic for a Cure (VFAC) is a club dedicated to raising money and awareness for the fight against cancer. Our group is committed to engaging students in this fight by organizing various programs, services, and events throughout the school year, including our virtual Rethink Breast Cancer Campaign, One Match Stem Cell & Blood Drive, academic seminars, multiple documentary screenings, and more. Funds raised at these events are all donated to various cancer fighting organizations. Contact: Instagram & Twitter: @vicforacure Facebook:

Vic Dance

Vic Dance is a casual dance team which seeks to bring a non-competitive dance atmosphere to the university. Through weekly dance rehearsals, we hope to reignite a passion for dance in our members and expose them to various styles of dance while working towards our year end showcase. Vic Dance welcomes both new and experienced dancers to the team. Contact: Instagram: @vicdanceuoft

Vic Chorus

We are a fun, friendly non-audition choir with three concerts a year: one in the fall and two in the spring. We welcome all voices and would love to see you at one of our practices Tuesdays at 5:15 in the Goldring Music Room! Contact: Instagram: @vicchorus Facebook:

The Unsanitized Project

Our platform is the manifestation of a community’s need for education and peaceful dialogue surrounding racial injustice against BIPOC and other marginalized peoples. Although we raise our voices, let us be allies who listen twice as much as we speak. Born of the conviction that education is freedom, Unsanitized invites students to share their stories, art, poetry, and prose about their encounters with racial persecution so we may learn from the testimonies of our friends, as a community. Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @unsanitized_uoft

UofT's Veterinary Medicine Club

Although not limited to only those looking to pursue a career in the field, our main goal is to make resources readily available for students who are preparing to apply to vet school. We hold bimonthly meetings discussing everything from newest tech, drug therapies, current research, surgical procedures, and patient cases, to vet school applications and volunteer placements. We allow students passionate about veterinary medicine to learn from each other in a friendly & encouraging environment. Contact: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @vmc_uoft

Spanish Student Organization

The Spanish Student Organization (SSO) serves anyone who is passionate about the Spanish language, music, and culture. We want to help further engage the Spanish community of U of T through vibrant social events and academic workshops. Our group is supportive of every member and intends on creating an inclusive atmosphere for anyone interested in joining us. Contact: Facebook:

The Scribbler

The Scribbler is an online inclusive journal for anyone who would like a platform for their writing. We understand how hard it is to get published in print journals with limited page space and we seek to provide students with an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Contact: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @thescribbleruoft

Screenwriting at Victoria College

Screenwriting at Victoria College aims to provide a high-quality learning environment for students who are interested in learning the art and craft of writing scripts for movies. By learning from Oscar-winning screenplays and reputable screenwriting books, students will learn the fundamental principles and techniques in screenwriting, ultimately preparing them to pursue screenwriting as a future profession. Contact: Website:


Our goal is to create a platform for open discussions at Vic and to destigmatize real conversation. Through our weekly meetings, we hope to create a safe and non-judgemental place where students can learn from one another. We will introduce polarizing topics to discuss every week and provide space for students to share their viewpoints and experiences with one another in order to broaden each other’s perspectives.
We will not discuss topics that call into question an individual’s basic humanity. Contact: Instagram: @realtalk.vic


Our mission is to provide a collective forum for all minorities and destroy barriers to higher education by assisting high school & university students in recognizing their full potential in academic and professional healthcare. This includes student outreach to highlight the need for more representation in healthcare, alternate paths towards prospective goals, and important aspects of grad school applications. We aim to initiate conversations, mentor, and hold workshops with professionals. Contact: Facebook:

Motion Victures Film Production Club

We aim to bring the diverse skillsets of Vic students together to create film festival worthy short films. Through social events and workshops, students can meet like-minded people to collaborate with, and we’ll provide all the tools they need to make their scripts come to life! We focus on mobile filmmaking; with the right skills & knowledge, footage from our phones is indistinguishable from professional cameras. Don’t miss our end of year Red Carpet Screening and Reception! Contact: Facebook:

Hey, Teach! Magazine

Hey, Teach! is the Victoria College Education Magazine and is distributed among Vic students and faculty, and the greater U of T community. The magazine offers its readers a number of thought provoking and opinion based articles written by fellow peers. We seek to provide an outlet for those who wish to speak to issues related to education, to provide scholarly opportunities for prospective education students, and to bring awareness to the Vic community as a whole in the field of education. Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @heyteachmagazine Website: Issuu:

Her Voice

Her Voice is a club that aims to increase the awareness of domestic violence, providing victims with a voice which will help them combat the inequality and lack of choices they face everyday; in doing so we also wish to fundraise for many organizations which promote this cause. Contact: Facebook:

Goose Fiction

Goose Fiction publishes short stories written by UofT students. It is a way to get work published at the beginning stages of an author's career, and helps students get a foot in the door of the publishing world. Goose strives to publish an eclectic mix of stories that represent the student body and give students a chance to explore the world of publishing in a supportive environment. Goose is an empowering opportunity to receive feedback on work and grow as authors along with our own editors. Contact: Instagram & Twitter: @goosefiction Website:

The Women's Circle

The women's circle aims to provide a space for conversations and discussions for minority women on campus. Our goal is to empower women by sharing experiences, engaging in spiritual reflections, and growing in faith. Contact: Instagram: @thewomenscircleuoft Facebook:

Women of the World

We are a social charity club with an objective of creating a fun and safe environment. We will be hosting leisure events like spa and movie nights to collect donations to give to charities. As well as community work, by attending women shelters to volunteer as a team. Contact: Instagram: @womenoftheworldvic

Victoria College Greek Students' Association

The Victoria College Greek Students’ Association (Vic GSA) is a student run group at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. Our mission is to bring Victoria College students of Hellenic descent together as often as possible to celebrate our heritage and share in the experience of university life. The GSA acts as a social network by taking part and organizing many events throughout the school year. Contact: Website: Instagram: @uoftgreeks

Victoria College Environmental Fashion Show (VEFS)

The Victoria College Environmental Fashion Show (VEFS) promotes social responsibility and creativity by using repurposed materials to create a themed collection that highlights individual expression on campus. VEFS aims to encourage a culture of sustainability at UofT by giving members the opportunity to learn about, design, and create their own sustainable fashion. Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @vefs_ Website: Issuu:

Victoria College Board Games Club

We aim to bring people together and create community through board games. In the past we have held weekly board games events and offered board games rentals to student groups. Unfortunately the current pandemic has shut down all of our traditional operations. While these remain unsafe, we're working to expand our rentals to students and reevaluate the direction of the Club. If you have any questions, or would like to know when our offerings will resume, please email us! Contact:

Victoria Black Student Network (BLVCK)

The mission of the Victoria Black Student Network is to provide a community/forum/network to celebrate black culture and educate on black issues at Vic and within the greater UofT student body. Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @blvckvic

Vic Ultimate Werewolf Club

Vic Ultimate Werewolf Club aims to create a fun and inclusive community for students at Vic to escape their studies for a while and enjoy the hijinks and hilarity that come from playing the hidden role game, Ultimate Werewolf! We are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all students and our goal is to foster friendships in our community and just have fun!
We meet Friday evenings from 6-11pm; anyone can drop-in at any time and stay for however long they like! Contact: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @vic.werewolf

Vic Spikeball

Vic Spikeball organizes friendly Spikeball tutorials and practice sessions, as well as competitive tournaments and pick-up games to give Vic students a chance to meet new people, play an awesome game, and hone their skills. Spikeball is easy to learn, and we welcome players of all levels of experience and play! Contact: Instagram: @uoftspikeball Facebook:

Vic Records

Vic Records strives to create a sense of community through music sharing and appreciation, hosting concerts, supporting local musicians, and giving people the opportunity to create and produce their own music. Contact: Instagram: @vicrecords Facebook:


Vic Reach is a volunteer academic outreach program offering Vic students the opportunity to work with diverse students in Toronto schools. Volunteers provide a minimum of three hours per week of tutoring and assistance throughout the academic year. We aim to provide students who share a genuine interest in education a platform to access applicable work experience, in addition to an environment to master the skills required to be an effective educator. Contact: Facebook: Instagram: @vicreach

Art for Awareness

The purpose of our club is to create an online platform for sharing artwork during the pandemic and a socially distanced school year, while also raising money for Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 relief, and a variety of other issues. Contact: Website: Instagram: @art4.awareness

Inter Ethica Journal

Inter Ethica Journal seeks to examine society's most pressing social and ethical issues pertaining to healthcare, science and technology. We look for solutions and drive dialogue surrounding the challenges that emerge in our rapidly changing world. Facebook:


Levied clubs operate differently than the regular clubs listed above. Check out for more info!