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Victoria College Clubs

Unlike levies and commissions, Vic's roster of clubs is ever-evolving to reflect the dynamic interests of our student body. Our clubs are always on the hunt for new members, and all are welcome to attend the plethora of events that Vic clubs host each year! Want to bring your ideas into reality and join this ever-growing community? Any Vic student can start a new club at any time!

Clubs must apply to VUSAC for official recognition each year; recognition granted at any point will expire on April 30th. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and new applications will be presented at the soonest possible VUSAC meeting for approval.

 Looking to start a club? Read the Handbook and fill out the Application!

 Want VUSAC to post something for your club on our website/social media channels? Fill out the Form! 

For more information, please email Muskaan at

Clubs | 2023-24

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