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The primary club application period for 2020-2021 is June 4-July 23. The VUSAC Club Ratification Meeting will take place on July 31. After this, applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis for the remainder of the school year.

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 Please note that the list below is currently outdated and may not perfectly reflect Vic's Club offerings for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Bachata at Vic

Bachata at Vic is a club that teaches the traditional steps of the Dominican bachata dance. Our professional instructor builds upon the basic steps of the dance to teach us the more complex variations that you can do on your own or with a partner. This class is for everyone from beginners to intermediate and we strongly encourage everyone to come out and attend classes consistently! No experience is ever required and the classes are free for all students!
bFriend Community Initiative

The bFriend Community Initiative's goal is to help foster friendships and connections throughout Victoria College. We host inclusive events meant to help all of us get to know our fellow students.
DocU - U of T's Documentary Club

DocU aims to screen documentaries about current events, topics and issues on a monthly basis, and screenings are followed by a discussion period with relevant and knowledgeable guest speakers! If you like documentaries, debating controversies and eating popcorn, this is the club for you.
FOODIAC - Food Allergy & Intolerance

The mission statement of FOODIAC is to provide an opportunity for students with dietary restrictions to share their experiences and tips while promoting more dietary-friendly options on campus and helping others understand what it means to have a food allergy or intolerance.
Goose Fiction

The Goose seeks to capture diverse voices of the University of Toronto by publishing student short fiction from a variety of genres and styles. As a publication, we value the Canadian literary tradition of short fiction and seek to share distinct views of the world from the perspective of students.
Her Voice

The purpose of our club is to promote awareness and raise funds for issues women face both locally and globally.
Hey, Teach!

Hey, Teach! is The Victoria College Education Magazine and is distributed among Victoria College students, offering our readers a number of thought-provoking and opinion-based articles written by their peers. We seek to provide an outlet for those who wish to speak to issues related to education, to provide scholarly opportunities for prospective education students, and to bring awareness to the Victoria College community as a whole in the field of education.
Hotake Theatre

To produce and facilitate the development of theatrical and musical works led by artists who identify with the Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora, with the aim of advancing API representation in these art forms at UofT.
K-Pop Dance Club

To be able to exercise while dancing to K-pop and having fun!
Oddball Productions

To encourage student film making and storytelling on campus.
Phase Shift

Phase Shift aims to provide a platform for ordinary people to share their ideas and stories with their community. Phase Shift allows individuals to spread knowledge to their surrounding community through platforms such as academic journals and talks. We are aiming to create a conference framework which showcases local talent, as well as smaller locales that heighten the sense of community through discussion.
Screenwriting at Victoria College

Screenwriting at Vic aims to provide a high-quality learning environment for students who are interested in the art and craft of writing scripts for movies. By learning from Oscar-winning screenplays and reputable screenwriting books, students in this club will learn the fundamental principles and techniques in screenwriting, ultimately preparing them to pursue screenwriting as a future profession.
U of T Smart Investors

To increase interactions and communication opportunities between students and industry experts by holding regular discussion panels, information sessions and virtual investment competitions. To educate students about global financial market by providing them to opportunity to participate in financial market discussions, ask questions and learn from professionals in the relevant fields.
TBA. Tunes Beats Awesome.

To provide an opportunity for singers interested in a cappella music to explore a variety of styles within a group setting, and to bring a cappella music into the U of T and Toronto communities.
The Boundary News

The Boundary is a satirical newspaper focused on news relevant to Victoria College students, as well as the broader U of T community. Our mission statement is as follows: "The wily Boundary core is committed to making Victoria College - an anthill of the cynical and stoic - into a more relaxed, informed and happy collective. We provide a healthy, creative outlet for critique and are determined to do what the media should: afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted"

To host weekly, stress-free trivia challenge meetings in the vein of other clubs such as Werewolf club; there are no specific teams and our club will not take part in official trivia competitions, weeks will be themed.
U of T Exchange Association

UTEA's goal is to improve the experience of exchange students coming to U of T for one or more terms by organizing events and managing a community of both exchange and Canadian students. We organize events, including cultural events, trips, afterworks, sports challenges, parties, networking and team building games. A focus will be made at the beginning of each term on the early integration of each exchange student and the consolidation of an exchange community.
U of T Undergraduate Bioethics Club

The University of Toronto Undergraduate Bioethics Society seeks to examine societies most pressing social and ethical issues pertaining to health care, science and technology.
We look for solutions and drive dialogue surrounding the challenges that emerge in our rapidly changing world.
Vic Dance

Vic Dance is a casual dance team which seeks to bring a non-competitive dance atmosphere to the university. Through weekly dance rehearsals, we hope to reignite a passion for dance in our members and expose them to various styles of dance while working towards our year-end showcase. Vic Dance welcomes both new and experienced dancers to the team.
Vic For A Cure

Vic For A Cure is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the fight against cancer. Our group is committed to engaging students in this fight, by organizing various programs, services, and events throughout the school year, including Cuts for Cancer, our Movember campaign, our Annual Benefit Concert, Annual Dodgeball Tournament, documentary screenings, bake sales, and more. Funds raised for these events are donated to various cancer fighting organizations.
Vic iTeach

A welcoming community among Victoria College students who are interested in education and teaching, providing opportunity for conversation, networking and most importantly, building strong friendships among Victoria College students. Vic iTeach facilitates to the close-knit community of future teachers connecting and discussing issues prevalent to us all, where our members are each ambassadors of the academic teacher-training program at Victoria College.
Vic Life Drawing Club

The Vic Life Drawing club is a Victoria College organization intent on providing an artistic outlet for all U of T students and the further community. Based on our own passion for drawing, we want to create a safe, inclusive space that allows everyone to enjoy the practice of life drawing.
Vic Records

To bring the recording arts to the Vic community. There's a whole side to music no one understands, and our purpose as a recording-based club is to make this part of music accessible and engaging to everyone in ways that our normal conceptions of music could never do.
Vic Urban Dance Club

The Vic Urban Dance Club (VUDC) at Victoria College is an Arts & Performance club that aims to make Vic a better place through urban dance. VUDC’s purpose is to: a) Allow all dance-lovers to learn, grow and enjoy theirselves b) Bring the Victoria community closer together through movement c) Promote a healthy lifestyle denoted by motion, passion, and self-expression.
Vic Werewolf Club

Victoria College Werewolf Club aims to create a community for students on campus who are interested in the party game Ultimate Werewolf. As it is a social game, the goal is to allow students to meet and interact with others, as facilitated by the game, bringing together both students that commute and those that live on campus.
Vic Reach

Vic Reach is a volunteer academic outreach program offering Victoria College students the opportunity to work with students in Toronto schools. Student volunteers provide a minimum of three hours per week of tutoring and assistance during the academic year.
Victoria Black

To provide a community within vic, particularly for black students, as well as students interested in black issues
Victoria College Board Games Club

Victoria College Board Games Club aims to bring people together and create community through board games. We hold weekly meetings for students to drop by and unwind by playing their favorite game with friends. We provide an opportunity for Vic students to meet new friends and try new games in a welcoming, informal environment.
Vic Chorus

Vic Chorus is a SATB open choir based at Victoria College, University of Toronto. To allow students an opportunity to come show their love of singing with people who love it just as much. Practices are held each Tuesday at 5:15pm in the Music Room at Goldring Student Center.
Victoria College Cinema Society

VCCS strives to unite the student community through the understanding and appreciation of film, while highlighting the voices of some of cinema’s most important artists.
Vic College Environmental Fashion Sh

The Victoria College Environmental Fashion Show (VEFS) uses repurposed and vintage fashion as a medium to promote social responsibility and individual expression on campus. The Fashion Show aims to develop a culture of sustainability in the U of T community and give students a vital creative outlet by providing opportunities to learn about, design and create their own sustainable fashion.
Victoria College Equity Collective

Victoria College Equity Collective is a safe place for students to engage more directly with systems and discourses of gender, race, sexuality and class. VCEC empowers students to be active, self-reflective and engaged citizens. Integrating political, social and economic issues through this intersectional lens, VCEC's mandate encourages greater diversity in Canadian institutions, by encouraging equity-informed participation in public life and fostering leadership.
Victoria College Jazz Ensemble

The Vic Jazz Ensemble provides an opportunity for student musicians to keep up their hobby without the time commitment and competition of other U of T bands.
The Women's Circle

The women's circle aims to provide regular space, through circle like conversations for Muslim women to come together on campus, share experiences, engage in spiritual reflections and grow in faith.
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