Forms & Documents

Governing Documents

The documents below outline how VUSAC and its constituents are mandated to operate. 

Proposed Amendments

Below are amendments to governing documents that are actively being considered by VUSAC or have recently passed.

> Council Policies Amendments

(discussed at the March 19th, 2021 VUSAC Meeting)

> Equitable Hiring Policy Amendments

(discussed at the March 19th, 2021 VUSAC Meeting)

Check the VUSAC Archive for past Amendments.

VUSAC Budget

VUSAC ratifies our budget on a semesterly basis, covering the expenses of the Council, Levies, and Vic Clubs.

President's Summer Hours

Each year, the VUSAC President records and publicizes their summer hours, during which they serve as the Summer Office Manager.

VUSAC Semi-Annual Reports

VUSAC releases a report detailing the activities of each Council member on a semesterly basis.

Elections Reports

The CRO compiles a report on the organization and
outcome of each VUSAC election.