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Get Involved


The life of Vic campus comes from Vic's community, and our student groups are at the heart of it all. I guess you could then say that the blood the heart pumps out is the events and initiatives that students run, because they keep Vic alive and well, and they're everywhere! You can't take a stroll around Vic and not stumble into an event! And whether you stay for the free food or the lively conversation, it's always a treat to take some time away from studies and engage with the community. For a live calendar of all the events happening around Vic, click "read more"!


Clubs & Levies

Vic has a huge selection of clubs and levy groups, covering a wide array of interests, all of which you, as a Vic student, can get involved with! From our student run café to our drama society, levies are long standing pillars of Vic life and aren't going anywhere anytime soon! Vic's clubs on the other hand are an ever growing and changing roster that's fueled by passionate students and the diverse interests of our community! Want to get involved in a club or levy, or even start your own club? Click the links below!

VUSAC Commissions

VUSAC has a variety of commissions run by our Commissioners and their Co-chairs, each with it's own purpose and goals ranging from hosting massive social events to initiatives to make Vic more sustainable! The structure of each commission is different, but many of them provide a great way for students to get more involved with the work that VUSAC does!


The Council

There are so many ways to get involved with VUSAC, whether that be taking on a levy head position, joining a commission, or just coming by our office to study! However, the most direct way to get involved is to sit on council yourself! Voting positions on council are elected through our spring and fall elections, and our Co-chair and Staff positions are hired over the spring/summer! Check out the links below to see what positions are on council and how to get involved!

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