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Ex-Officio Positions

Ex-Officio members sit on the Council by virtue of their position or status within the larger community of Victoria College.

These positions are elected in the Spring.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is the highest governing body at Victoria University. Student representatives will serve on one of the following sub-committees: Property, Governance and University Affairs, and Finance, Pension, and Audit. Student representatives are required to actively engage with the Board and their student community to ensure that student issues are heard at Vic’s highest administrative levels.


Cameron Miranda-Radbord

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Liam Sinclair-Thompson


Leila Tjiang


Jerico Raguindin


Zoe Lazaris

Victoria College Council

The Victoria College Council (VCC) is responsible for academics at Vic, including all aspects of teaching and learning that are not under the jurisdiction of the University of Toronto. The VCC discusses issues and policies relating to the student experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.


Elsa Jia

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Robert Wu


Kate Haberl


Mehr Mukhtar

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Ming Xi (Jason) Liu

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Catherine Yang

Image Coming Soon.png

Gerd Bizi


Sooyeon Lee

Victoria University Senate

The Victoria University Senate (VUS) is made up of the Chancellor, President, Alumni, Faculty, and student representatives. The Senate grants honorary degrees, fellowships, scholarships, and bursaries. It deals with matters that transcend the Victoria College - Emmanuel College division and are of equal concern to both Colleges and to the broader academic community.


Derek Akkiprik


Elsa Jia

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