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 The Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council is Vic’s hub for student life! 
With twenty-nine elected and appointed members, VUSAC’s goal is to improve the lives of all Victorians through the services we provide, our events, and our representation of the Victoria College student body. 
We want to connect you with the people who share your interests. Want to join or start a new club? Looking to get involved in event planning? Want discounted tickets and printing, or just looking to explore the Vic community? We administer a variety of clubs, throw pub nights and formals, and have services like five-cent printing!
Our job is to improve the Victoria student experience, while making sure that the needs of our student body are being addressed by the administration of both Vic and U of T at large, and by your appointed student representatives.
Come by our office and say hi! We can’t wait to meet you.
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VUSAC Meetings

All Victorians are welcome to join us at our biweekly VUSAC meetings (dates listed in accompanying graphic). These meetings are a place for council members to gather, discuss, and vote on wider-reaching topics and issues affecting the Vic community. By attending, you'll be able to learn more about what VUSAC does and give your thoughts on the motions and discussions brought forward to council. Additionally, you'll get to hear updates from elected officials, student leaders, governing bodies, and staff members from across Victoria College!
All Victoria College Students have speaking rights at these meetings, and we encourage you to come and use your voice as a member of the Victoria College community!
Preliminary meeting agendas are available on our Meetings page. Additionally, any Vic student can bring forward a discussion item to the council by emailing at least four days before the meeting is to be called to order.
We can't wait to see you there!

Fall COVID-19 Survey

VUSAC has been monitoring the impacts of COVID-19 on our students and their plans for post-secondary education. There remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding what the Fall 2020 semester will look like, and as the University continues to plan and explore options, VUSAC wants to hear from you. This survey is intended for students who are planning to enroll in classes at the University of Toronto during the Fall 2020 semester.

This survey will help guide the VUSAC's advocacy in regards to the Fall 2020 semester, and will allow us to bring data directly to the Victoria College administration to help address concerns. Most questions are optional to answer. Participation in this survey is voluntary. Your responses will be anonymous and held in confidence by the VUSAC. Aggregate data may be shared with relevant Victoria College officials, the VUSAC membership, and members of the media for public distribution.

This survey will take no more than 10 minutes and will touch on topics such as residence, housing, academics, COVID-19, and general VUSAC outreach. Upon completion, you will have the option to submit your name to win one of three prizes; a Northrop Frye Sticker plus one of the following:
1) A VUSAC Crewneck, 2) VUSAC Pennant or 3) A VOCA Tote Bag

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, or would like to get in contact with us, please email the VUSAC President at


Contact Us:

150 Charles Street West

Toronto, ON M5S 1K9

(416) 585-4473