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 The Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council is Vic’s hub for student life! 
With twenty-nine elected and appointed members, VUSAC’s goal is to improve the lives of all Victorians through the services we provide, our events, and our representation of the Victoria College student body. 
We want to connect you with the people who share your interests. Want to join or start a new club? Looking to get involved in event planning? Want discounted tickets and printing, or just looking to explore the Vic community? We administer almost 40 clubs, throw pub nights and formals, and have services like five cent printing and a student study lounge.
Our job is to improve the Victoria student experience, while making sure that the needs of our student body are being addressed by U of T and Victoria admin and by your appointed student representatives.
Come by our office and say hi! We can’t wait to meet you.
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150 Charles Street West 
Toronto, ON M5S1K9
(416) 585-4473
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150 Charles Street West

Toronto, ON M5S 1K9

(416) 585-4473