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This fall, VUSAC is using a new voting system to ensure that your voice is truly reflected in the results. Please carefully read through the instructions below to familiarize yourself with our system and its processes.

  • Voting System: Simply Voting


Simply Voting is an online voting platform designed for ease of use and transparency. The system ensures that each voter can vote securely and confidentially, ensuring the integrity of our elections.

  • Voting Type: Preferential (Rank Each Option) Voting


For each position, you will see a list of candidates in randomized order. Instead of choosing just one candidate, you will rank them based on your preference. Your first choice is the highest preference, your second choice the next highest, and so on. This type of voting ensures that if your first choice does not gain enough support, your vote still matters because it can be transferred to your next preferred candidate.

  • Counting Method: Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)


How does IRV work?

  1. First Count: All the first-choice votes are counted.

  2. If there is a Majority: If a candidate receives more than half of these votes, they are declared the winner.

  3. If No Majority: The candidate with the least number of first-choice votes is eliminated. The votes that had this candidate as a first choice are then redistributed based on the second choice on those ballots.

  4. Recount: The process is repeated - counting votes and eliminating the lowest-scoring candidate - until the candidate(s) has more than half the votes.

IRV ensures that a candidate wins by gaining a majority of the votes, not just a simple plurality. It gives voters more influence by allowing their preferences to be considered if their top choice is not the most popular.

  • Option: Declare Vacant


Apart from the listed candidates for a position, there is an option to rank "Declare Vacant". Ranking "Declare Vacant" indicates that you believe none of the candidates ranked below "Declare Vacant" are suitable for the role. If “Declare Vacant” gets the majority of votes for a position, then that position will not be filled based on this election, and further steps will be taken as per VUSAC’s Elections and Referenda Code (ERC) (Revised July 2023).


  • Abstaining


If you want to abstain from voting for a particular position, simply do not cast any vote for that position (i.e. do not rank any candidate and do not rank "Declare Vacant"). Do not confuse "Declare Vacant" with abstaining. Abstaining means you are not participating in the vote for that particular position, while "Declare Vacant" means you are actively choosing not to support any of the candidates ranked below it.


  • Voting Methods


  1. Personal Devices: Voters can easily cast their votes using their personal devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. This gives you the flexibility to vote from wherever you are during the voting period.

  2. Voting Kiosks at VUSAC Office: For those who would prefer an in-person voting experience, we have set up dedicated voting kiosks in the VUSAC office.


  • Voting Kiosk Details

  • Location: VUSAC Office in the Goldring Student Centre

  • Available: Monday to Friday from 09:00:00 hrs (09:00:00 am) to 17:00:00 hrs (05:00:00 pm)

  • Number of Kiosks: 2


If you are unsure about where the kiosks are situated in the office or need any assistance on how to use them, feel free to approach any VUSAC member available during office hours. We're here to help!


  • How to Vote Using Simply Voting


  • Personal Devices:

  1. Log in to Simply Voting using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the "VUSAC Fall 2023 Elections" section.

  3. Follow the instructions to make your selection and submit your vote.

  • Voting Kiosks:

  1. Head to the VUSAC office and locate the voting kiosks.

  2. If needed, ask a VUSAC member for assistance.

  3. Log in to the Simply Voting system using your credentials.

  4. Navigate to the "VUSAC Fall 2023 Elections" section.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to make your selection and submit your vote.

  6. Log-out but do not close the window.


  • Privacy and Security


You can change your vote as many times as you would like to during the voting window and your vote is confidential. The SimplyVoting system ensures that your voting choices remain anonymous and are stored securely. VUSAC is committed to maintaining the integrity and transparency of the election process.

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