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Last Updated October 17, 2020

To see additional commission-specific initiatives, please check each commission's individual social media channels and/or websites, which are all linked at

VUSAC's 3-Year Strategic Plan

This strategic planning process is meant to give VUSAC a better understanding of how our organization can better serve Victoria College students for years to come. The final Strategic Plan will be a guiding document that incorporates VUSAC's overarching goals for the next three years, as well as an action plan to achieve those goals.


VUSAC went through a rigorous consultation process, holding meetings with a variety of student leaders as well as multiple open consultation sessions for members of the Vic Community. VUSAC also recently closed a number of surveys polling the Vic student body about VUSAC's services, communications & outreach, advocacy, spaces, and events.


More information about the Strategic Plan and the survey results/analysis will be published soon!

Strategic Plan

Renaming Ryerson

Please note that, while VUSAC is still committed to this initiative, this section is somewhat outdated at the moment. As of writing this, the Ryerson Vic One Stream has been renamed the "Education" Stream.

Egerton Ryerson was an influential advocate for the Canadian Residential School System. Despite this, Victoria College continues to honour Ryerson with a residence building and an academic stream named for him.  VUSAC is calling for both Ryerson House and Ryerson Vic One Stream to be renamed through an open, consultative process.

For information on Ryerson’s history and to see the full details of our project, read our proposal at this link.

To show your support for this initiative, sign the petition at this link.

Learn more about the Residential School System by reading the reports of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission here.

Any inquires regarding the Renaming Ryerson initiative and proposal can be forwarded to and

Renaming Ryerson
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